Examples of Our Work & Clients


HouseCall Concierge Medical Practice Management

DIMH is a HIPAA compliant cloud based solution to manage and automate the encounters of a HouseCall Concierge Practice. With a companion native mobile app, DIMH is focused on member as well as family engagement with seamless access to clinicians via chat, video chat, as well as full review of audio/video visit documentation. Scheduling and integrated mapping is a core technology that increases the efficiency of logistical delivery of services.

Doctor In My House


Mobile Phlebotomy Management

Phlebio is a cloud based software created specifically to manage the entire business flow of a Mobile Phlebotomy Company. Phlebotomy is a service provided by a healthcare company to draw blood from clients.

Propel currently markets and provides consulting and other software services via the Phlebio platform. The typical Phlebio client is an existing clinical laboratory or a mobile phlebotomy company that is looking for a turn-key solution to reach their clients in their homes or residential care facilities.Phlebio


Cloud Software for Solo Phlebotomists

Phlebnet is a a cloud software specifically designed for the Solo Mobile Phlebotomist working independently. Affordable and packed with valuable tools to organize patients, clinicians, and orders.Phlebnet


Inventory Management & POS System for Uniforms Retailer

UniformSync is a state-of-the-art fully custom retail business operations software designed specifically for the dealers of Law Enforcement, EMS, and Security uniforms. It is designed for those retailers facing the very challenging task of automating the procurement and sale of highly customized uniforms as well as providing tailoring services for their clients. UniforSync is capable of handling contracted sales as well as walk-in Point-of-Sale operations.

UniformSync provides a cloud platform to operate the entire revenue cycle from Purchasing to payment posting as well as integration with QuickBooks. Clients can login to their private portals to submit and manage their orders as well as review their invoices. Personnel can pickup their ready garments and provide an electronic signature which is included in the billing documentation along with any supporting paperwork.


DOT Compliance System (DQF & ELD)

DOTLynx is a web-based platform that provides Driver Qualification Files management system in accordance with the Department of Transportation compliance standards. Specific for the trucking companies, DOTLynx takes paper managment to a whole new level.

Complete with unattended self-auditing algorithms, DOTLynx will ensure that every driver and vehicle in the company's fleet meets the intricate compliance requirements. Transportation owners and executives have access to a user friendly dashboard that brings all the compliance related information and statistics about their organization to their fingerstips.DOTLynx


DMV Electornic Pull Notice (EPN) & DL414 System

EPNLynx is a web-based platform that allows DMV agents to generate the required EPN and DL414 documents for their clients.

EPNLynx has been helping DMV agents digitatlly and securely generate Electronic Pull Notice requests in a DMV-compliant format for submission. The resulting DMV legacy files are decoded using EPNCore technology and rendered into official DL414 forms for certification and proper storage. EPNLynx allows agents to digitally store various digital files for their clients and drivers and track their issue and expiration dates. EPNLynx


Retail Financial Teller System

CASHPRO is a custom web-based software created to service the retail financial industry providing check cashing, money transfer, money orders, bill payment, and gold/silver exchange. Tellers are able to quickly and securely service their clients while keeping accurate track of all their cash transactions including vault and teller-to-teller exchanges.

CASHPRO streamlines the administrative operations by providing a detailed customer and transaction repository complete with check images and identification documents scans. Auditing and compliance with Financial Regulatory standards are also at the heart of CASHPRO's logic base.CASHPRO


Manufacturing & Wholesale Suite

PortalSync, TailorSync, WHSync is a robust web-based software ecosystem bridging together multiple divisions of a Manufacturing & Wholsale Apparel Operation. The different components facilitate Business to Business transactions in automating Sales Order, WorkOrder, Purchase Order, Picking/Packing/Shipping, as well as client-specific inventory tracking for custom manufactured goods. Fully integrated executive dashboards to monitor all metrics and gain insights into the client relationship.

Warehouse management as well as Quality Control features allow for tighter control of such critical product delivery operations while increasing management visibility and allowing for better accountability.AMWEARTECH